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Marietta Theunissen most famous for her TV show “DIE ANDER KANT” in South Africa and has been working in the field of Psychic, Clairvoyant Readings, Health and Self Development for over 30 years…
Julia Theunissen is Marietta’s daughter and is following in her footsteps. Julia also does Psychic, Clairvoyant Reading and Coaching.  She is also very interested in Therapy and Self Development.  Specializing in Hypnotherapy and past life regression
Psychic readings can be explained as finding answers to the future, helping with the present and understanding the past.
The basic definition of Hypno-therapy is that a therapist facilitates a trans like state where the thinking conscious mind can relax.
Coaching is very easy, in Julia and Marietta’s practice coaching is focused on a set structure that the individual can follow.
Using a non-invasive, advanced technology, namely SCIO, the body is scanned to find energy imbalances and health issues.

BOOK - Ultimate Transformation - Life Beyond the Veil
A fresh and compassionate approach to dealing with Death, Dying and the Afterlife by a well-known TV clairvoyant.

This book deals with the tricky subject of passing over in a non-threatening way, making it easier to accept the abundant life that is possible beyond this dimension. Through her long running TV Series and in private practice the author has gained experience of the wide variety of sometimes traumatic events that occur in people's lives and has interspersed her text with real life stories that are relevant to the problems that so many of us face but are sometimes afraid to ask about or don't know whom to ask.